5,000,000 تومان

Variable  Disp. Pump-PVE
P=70Bar, Displacement=6.6~22.2 cm3/rev



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— The PVE pumps are variable displacement vane pumps with direct
pressure regulator.
— The pump group is complete with hydrostatic axial compensation
distribution plates that improve the volumetric efficiency and reduce wear of
the components.
— The pressure regulator adjustable load spring keeps the pump group cam
ring in eccentric position.
When the delivery pressure equals the pressure corresponding to the
spring setting, the cam ring is moved so to reduce the displacement,
adjusting the flow rate to the values required by the plant.
In zero flow demand conditions, the pump delivers oil only to compensate
any possible bleedings, keeping the circuit pressure constant.
— The PVE pumps are available in four dimensions with maximum
displacement from 6,6 to 22,2 cm
/rev and with pressure regulator max
setting values up to 35 bar and 70 bar (standard).