5,000,000 تومان

External Gear Pump
P=250Bar, Displacement=1.3~87 cm3/rev



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— The GP pumps are fixed displacement external gear
pumps with axial clearance compensation.
— They give high volumetric flows even with high operating
pressures, a low noise level, and they have a high
endurance thanks to the balancing system of the loads
on the guide bushings.
— They are divided into three size groups, with displace-ments of up to 9,1 – 27,9 and 87,6 cm3
/rev respectively,
and with operating pressures of up to 250 bar (standard)
and up to 310 bar (version for high pressures H).
— They are available with clockwise, anticlockwise and
reversible rotation, with tapered shaft (standard). Other
kind of shaft are available upon request.
— They are available in multiple versions, and can be
combined in multi-flow groups, with a splined connection
motion system that guarantees high power