500,000 تومان

Direct Operated Pressure Control Valve
P=350Bar, Max. Flow=50 lit/min



— The CR valve is a direct operated pressure control valve
cartridge type that can be used in blocks or panels with
type D-10B seat.
— It is normally used to control the maximum pressure in the
hydraulic circuits or as a limiting device for pressure peaks
generated during hydraulic actuator movement variation.
— It is available in five different pressure control ranges up to
۳۵۰ bar.
— The circuit pressure acts on the shutter which is directly
loaded by a spring on the opposite side. Once the set
pressure is reached, the shutter opens, and discharges the
excess flow in port T connected directly to the reservoir.
— The pressure can be adjusted by a screw, usually supplied
as the countersunk hex type, equipped with locking nut and
maximum adjustment limiter.


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