17,500,000 تومان

P =250,Flow=70l/m

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— RPCE2-* valves are two-way or three-way flow control valves with
pressure and thermal compensation and electric proportional control with
mounting interface in compliance with ISO 6263 (CETOP RP 121H)
— These valves are normally used for flow rate control in hydraulic circuit
branches and for speed control of hydraulic actuators.
— Flow rate can be modulated continuously in proportion to the current
supplied to the solenoid.
— The valve can be controlled directly by a current control supply unit or by
means of the relative electronic control units which enable optimal valve
performance (see par. 10).
— The valves are available in three flow control ranges: two with progressive
gain up to 72 l/min and the third with differential gain of 30 l/min.
— To ensure correct valve operation, maintain a minimum pilot control flow
rate of 2 l/min and minimum pressure of 20 bar.
— Pilot control can be internal, with intake of oil from line E, or external from
a line with 1/4” BSP connection on the pilot body.
— Drainage is always external and must be connected directly to the tank
without backpressure by means of subplate connection Y (OR ø ۳۵) or by
means of a line (1/4” BSP coupling) on the pilot body.
— The three-way version RPCE2-70-T3 allows flow control to the circuit by
dumping the exceeding flow to the tank. Maximum pressure in the circuit
is limited by means of a manual adjustment relief valve which operates
on the compensator pilot.
— RPCE2-70-T3 valve is also available in M version, which allows, by
means of an electric control, to unload the total flow with a minimum
pressure drop.