1,900,000 تومان

P=250Bar, Flow=22lit/min


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-Our pumps are hydrostatically balanced and have automatic lateral adjustment.
-We recommend the use of hydraulic fl uid with antifoaming and extreme
pressure additives.
-To obtain extended pump life it is necessary to work with oil viscosities between 20-80 cSt, relating to working pressure and at a temperature of 50ºC.
-Oil temperature range –۲۰ºC – +80ºC.
-Filtration is extremely important since most problems are due to oil contamination.
-Filtration recommended: In suction line 125 μ minimum. In return line
۲۵ μ minimum.
-The most efficient drive method is by means of axial fl exible coupling,
with minimum 0,3 – 0,4 mm. radial and axial movement, thus reducing the
effects of vibration and maintaining maximum efficiency of the pump.
-The suction pipes should be large enough to ensure that pressure drop
does not exceed 0,3 bar.
-Connection by side fl ange, threaded B.S.P. or U.N.F.
-Rotation direction: Clockwise or counter-clockwise when facing the shaft end.
-Before starting the pump, make sure the direction of rotation is correct.
-Double and multiple pumps are available with the mounting details
shown for single pumps.
-Some types subject to minium batch quantities.