44,000,000 تومان

P =350 Bar,MAX Flow=70l/m


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— The DXE3J valve is a four-way (3 + fail-safe position)
servo-proportional valve where the spool moves inside a
sleeve. It is operated by a proportional solenoid highly
dynami c, whi ch achi eves hi gh performance and not
requires pilot pressure. The spool position is controlled by
a linear transducer (LVDT) in closed loop which ensures
high precision and repeatability.
— It is available in six different flow ranges up to 40 l/min,
with spools with zero overlap.
— The valve is featured by integral electronic based on
SMD technology which ensures standard regulations
and simplifies the electric wiring. The unit does not
r equi r e any adj ust ment  ot her  t han t he possi bl e
electronic regulation of the zero.
— Suitable for control applications with closed loop of
position, velocity and pressure. With a power down or
without the enable input, the spool moves automatically
at fail-safe position.

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